Frequently Asked Questions For Notary Services

Many legal proceedings need notarized documents, such as passports, green cards, and legal identification cards. Have your documents notarized by the experienced notaries at Trone's Tag, Title & Notary in York and Columbia, PA to make them legal and valid for your transactions. We are experienced in authenticating and legalizing documents for individuals and businesses. You can also rely on us for renewals or replacements of lost, stolen, or expired driver's licenses and Pennsylvania State IDs.

What Do I Need to Transfer a Title?
Title, buyer, and seller with a current state ID and a current insurance card.

Can You Restore My Suspended Driver's License?
If your suspension time has been served along with all fines paid, we can restore you instantly.

Does a Notary Seal Make a Document Legal?
No, the notary seal just means that whoever signed the document proved to the notary who they are with their current ID.

My License Plate Was Stolen, Can You Replace It?
Yes. You need to bring your current state ID and a current insurance card.

Do I Need a Current Insurance Card to be Issued a License Plate?

Can You Issue a First Time Driving Permit?
No, you need to go to a PennDOT driver's exam center.

Can a Car Be Titled in One Name and Registered and Insured in a Different Name?
No, Penndot requires title, registration, and insurance to be in the same name.

Can You Obtain My Birth Certificate?
Yes, but only if you were born in Penna.

Who Can I Transfer My License Plate To?
Only to a spouse, parent, or child.

My Registration Has Expired, Can You Renew It Instantly?

Yes, we will renew your registration and hand you a reg. card and sticker in a few minutes.

Learn More About Notarization

The notary process essentially needs you to be within the presence of a notary and witness when you sign your legal documents. If you wish to learn more about the process of notarization, consult one of our knowledgeable public notaries. Call us at 717-848-1916 (York) or 717-684-7273 (Columbia) and schedule an appointment with one of our staff. We look forward to having a discussion with you regarding your notarization needs.